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These stamps are an array of various collections and no longer required. I will look at selling for prices listed or offers or trades.

Some of the prices will be bargains while others may seem overpriced, and I hope not in the "Dreamers" category, as I am a private collector  
and not seasoned nor an experienced seller. If you can convince me otherwise as to price I am willing to listen and negotiate.

For Stampboards.com members you have first pick. Later I will list on ebay and delcampe.

If you can please be patient as to my loading all stamps onto this site as it may take some time. Check back for stamp updates and new listings.


          My main focus is on Australian stamps.... . .. Roos, KGV heads, Pre decimals, blocks..
You can trade stamps and or cash difference to make up the value.

          Specific list of stamps I require      Click here for list

           You may also have something else you want to get rid of as I am not objectionable to other items of interest

           Example. You may have a Mont Blanc Fountain pen for $200. You can send me a description and any
           details and I may look at it and put a value of $500 on it and offer a much better bargain with many more
           stamps thrown in to entice the deal.     "One mans junk is another mans treasure". ............................................................................

           You may be pleasantly surprised at what I will consider.

Offers: ... ..

Simply quote the reference number for each stamp or item and email your terms, trades, or comments.
I will endeavour to get back in touch within a day.

Payment ...

Payments are pretty simple. Paypal ( you can use a credit card without being a member and you pay no fees to buy).
I have an Australian ANZ account and a French Bank Lyonais for direct deposits. Once the money is received I will
email a receipt and a confirmation when the items.have been sent. I expect payment within a few days and not a few
weeks in fairness to other members. Visa Versa I will pay within a couple of days.


All items will be carefully packed, sealed and stiff card support as I would expect the same in return. For a standard envelope postage is free within Australia.
Larger items may vary, but will always be at cost and no handling or add on within Australia.

International post is again free for small envelopes. Express post for larger parcels no handling or add on charges. UK, Europe and USA 1kg is about $50. If I can send it for less I will discount the amount as sometimes I have excess decimal stamps I can use on parcels.


Over the past 15 years I have established a reputation around the world as a bookbinder who is fair and ethical. If I dudded someone for $20
I would find it hard to sleep at night. It is just the way I was raised and live my life. Unfortunately not everyone is like that and in some countries
like Italy and Russia we may have to send registered signed for to ensure proof item was sent and received. With over 40 years in business I have
thankfully never had a nightmare experience with post internationally, but it works both ways to make sure items arrive safely.

My ebay account has a 100% rating and now over 750 positive feedbacks. I have had serveral entire collections sent from UK, USA and France to evaluate based on total trust alone without any money or deposit being paid. Not recommended practice and I did advise against it at the time, but they were happy to proceed on trust. No one has ever been disappointed with my follow up and honesty. In my bookbinding business I have sold more than 1800 books, most in excess of $1,000 each and every buyer has sent me full cash payment up front before my making and sending their finished books. Often waiting up to 6 months to receive a hand made book from my studio.
http://alistairgraham.com/Testimonials.shtml if you want to read some testimonials
Just some of the happy clients who have taken the time to write and thank me.

Hand made albums.

As a Master Bookbinder I have often looked at modern stamp albums in horror. Many, as you know are just horrible and will destroy entire collections. Over the ensuing months I will be designing and making some archival leather bound albums. These will be heirloom quality with museum standards on archival paper, mylar, timber boards under the leather and not cardboard, full hide leather in pigskin and kangaroo, not that fake compressed rubbish,, and of course fully hand sewn in the renaissance style with waxed linen threads so you can open your album out flat without breaking the spine. Something modern books fail to do and none of those ugly ring binders that rust. There will also be special design features to suit stamps. Some larger 50 x 30cm to handle sheets and large format spreads or displays, up to 600 pages, and specially made to allow for adding stamps without over bulging the spine. I will be interested in doing some trades for some of these as well. Details to follow so keep a look out if you are interested you may send me your email so I can notify you of offers and albums as soon as some are made.

When word got out I was making the Charmed TV series books they came from all over the world and back logged orders with prepaid deposits up to 12 months waiting list. I am unable and unwilling to meet a huge assembly line book making process as each is hand made and sewn. So I will only be able to make a very short number of these and once my limit is reached my hands can only do so much.

Book Trades

Any Charmed Books, Albums, personalised and made to order heirloom books.

Archie will now look at trading STAMPS or items of interest for a book
as part or full payment. You will need to send an email with "TRADE"
mentioned in the email and I can then contact you regard information and pics.
If you have stamps or items of interest that you would consider trading for a Tallpopy Studio Book
or Album please email any pics, prices and details and I can then contact you regard an exchange.
If you cannot add pics to the email then allow me to get back in touch with
an email address you can send pics and details to.

I will consider part payment or full payment for items you have and in some cases will add cash payment
to make up any difference if item is more expensive. Anything of value will be considered.
Antiques, gold, silver, watches, stamps, collections. Just let me know.

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